Picture of Neil Millman

Born 1952 in North Adams, Massachusetts.

Although gifted with the ability to draw well, Neil did not aspire to art as a career. He preferred science, and what he most wanted to learn was how the world operates. He yearned to travel to distant lands. Whereas his brothers and sister would go far in art, Neil would subsequently travel further than anyone else, capturing images of this beautiful planet through the lens of his camera.

Neil’s ambition was always to leave the familiar and to venture into the unknown. As a teenager he hitchhiked frequently. This mode of transport worked well for many years and enabled him to tour every state as well as several countries. His adventures included extensive hiking through many of the world’s mountains. Neil’s real accomplishment was in finding ways of extending his journeys on a shoestring so that he could live abroad and gain a deeper understanding of exotic cultures. After nearly thirty years of life on the road Neil Millman has been through 64 countries and lived in eleven. He has worked his passage on ships, thumbed rides on aircraft, and made a living by teaching English. A break in his travels occurred when he served a mission to New York City. Afterwards Neil studied at Brigham Young University where he majored in geography. Even during his course of study Neil found numerous opportunities to travel. Travel has always provided Neil with a deeper and broader knowledge of geography than anything he learned in school. Despite the challenges he faced, Neil remained an active member of the LDS Church and enjoyed the close association of missionaries and church members throughout the world. It is a tribute to his faith that Neil has survived countless mishaps and close-calls. He has seen the best and the worst that the earth contains, and is proud of the fact that he has known the most wonderful people.

For most of his travels Neil carried a camera with him. He was not content, however, with just taking pictures. For him photography is an art to be developed through constant refinement. Although subject matter is certainly important to a geographer, Neil also strives to imbue his images with good composition, tonal quality, texture, and subtle references to context. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but Neil’s pictures each tell a good story. Neil is also a gifted writer and has actually written about many of the adventures he’s had. In recent years Neil’s talent expanded to include videography. He created several videos and slide shows about the places he visited. In addition, he has produced documentaries about children living in poverty.

Although Neil has photographed weddings and family events, most of his income was earned in other ways. At the age of fifty Neil met the woman of his dreams. He married the former Margarita Cortes from Puebla, Mexico. They live in Provo, Utah. Together they travel frequently to Mexico where they support a shelter for street children. Neil’s love of children is evident in his pictures. His compassion for those who have been abused and abandoned caused him to create a foundation for helping street children. Each year the Millmans take volunteers to Mexico City. Half of the sales generated from his photography go directly to their humanitarian efforts.