Meet the Artists
Neil Millman
Dean Millman
David Millman
Lynne Millman-Weidinger

Welcome to Millman Studios!

The Millmans are a family of three brothers and a sister who have produced remarkable artwork for several decades. Based in Utah County, Utah, they have won many art contests and displayed their work in numerous galleries. The paintings and drawings are outstanding for their realism, coupled with a strong sense of design and composition. Photographer Neil Millman appreciates the values imparted by color and texture. The Millmans have a great love for nature and religion. Although they cater mostly to an LDS market their pictures have broad appeal to all people.

In addition to loving art for its own sake, the Millmans value beauty and the importance fine art plays in making the world a better place. The artwork is reasonably priced so that anyone can purchase it. Half of the proceeds generated from sales of the pictures and prints go directly to supporting a charity for street children that Neil Millman founded and directs.

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